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Gettin’ Ya Fingers Dirty

This page is dedicated to the collectors who are truly diggin. Don’t get me wrong I don’t mean the people who buy or have bought records, I mean the true diggers of the world that know records like no one else. You might know who they are in your city.

In Detroit, I’m talkin about Brad Hales, Frank Rains, Eastside Jon and Erno The Inferno, DJ Head, Dilla and Dez to name a few legends of the diggin’ scene here. This will be a cultural observation of people who really dig beyond their city’s limits like Skeme Richards, Kon and Amir, Giles Peterson, DJ Shadow, J. Rocc… I could go on for days. A blog for true diggers is the vision for this page opposed to just talkin about the art just to be cool. We will highlight, share thoughts, techniques and tips for those who want to become true diggers. Enjoy the mixes,finds and rare grooves presented on this page. Get Ya Fingers Dirty! Everyday is Record Store Day!