Healing Endeavors

As I sit here listening to August Greene on Tiny Desk and enjoyin’ the positive featured vibes of Maimouna Youssef and the rest of the collective. I think of the many great moments in Hip Hop I’ve had the privilege of living through and how we are actually writing the story as we live and experience new things daily. With that said, I have a question. Is there room for health conversations in Hip Hop?

I know there are those that are aware like Dead Prez, who have always released songs that educated us as a people on the many dynamics of Black life, manhood, and community needs. But with the loss of so many great artists to illnesses, I feel we need to at least consider health as a necessary topic of value in Hip Hop. What does that look like? Honestly Idk, but it starts with conversations like this.

To me, Health in Hip Hop should be a life standard of Hip Hop Heads, Appreciators, and Fans to live healthy lives, Eat healthy foods, and make the best choices to enjoy life. I am on this quest to live the healthiest life possible myself so learning and sharing what I’ve come across with those who are interested will be the next chapter in my story.

Thus far, I’ve learned there are no blanket approaches to healing. Some people swear by doctors, others swear by natural practices, and some just simply ignore symptoms and keep on livin’. I don’t judge anyone’s approach to healing. Do whatever is best for you but learn the ins and outs of every approach before you trust it to work.

I’m writing this from the perspective of someone on a healing journey, not as a medical expert. I just know there are certain things I experience daily I want to change, so I’m modifying them in ways that work for me. I feel health is a personal responsibility. It is up to each of us to learn and apply what works best for our bodies.  The more we know about our bodies (How they work, What is needed daily, What should be removed, What bad habits should be changed and why…), The better position we’ll be in to live the healthiest lives possible. Like most, I’m a work in progress. I trust medical professionals to help diagnose problems but what do I do when the treatments they have to offer do not produce results comfortable enough for my life? I choose to learn more about myself and implement choices that allow my body to heal. It’s definitely a step outside of the normal “comfort zone” but the results are so worth it!

Remember everything takes time. It took me 8 years to get to this point but I trust the fact that the more I know, the better position I’ll be in to allow my body to heal properly. Knowledge Heals… Seek More.

I designed the Knowledge Heals Tee to urge people to learn more about their health. There will definitely be more to come as sharing my story is also beneficial to my health. Thank you for reading… more to come. If interested in the Knowledge Heals Tee, Sticker, Mug or Tote… Click Here or the t-shirt image below.

Dj Sicari with Fam instagram Knowledge Heals

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